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The F40 was going to be a car to commemorate the 40 years of Ferrari
The company's first supercar, although heavily influenced by the 288 GTO's racing design, had not been conceived for life on the tracks.
That does not mean that he was born without a purpose.
As the specialist magazine Road & Track wrote, 'The F40 may be one of the firmest road cars ever built'. * The most notable features of the F40 are its twin-turbo V8 engine, which brings about 500 hp, its carbon-kevlar body, the double suspension triangles inspired by the competition, and a Lexan windshield instead of glass.
The interior is sober. Lacking sound equipment, glove compartment, trim or upholstery, it gives the driver the true feeling of being at the wheel of a racing car.
Giovanni Perfetti, of the Ferrari marketing team, said "We wanted him to be very fast, extremely sporty and sober".
It is thought that it is the latest design for which Enzo Ferrari himself gave his approval.
This scale model 1:18 of the Ferrari F40 has been made by hand and finalized in our workshops with the cooperation and assistance of Ferrari in terms of finishes, materials, graphic documentation and original designs.
The use of a highly accurate digital scan has allowed us to recreate the original scale car in detail.
It has also been subjected to the most thorough analysis by the teams of engineers and designers to achieve maximum accuracy in the representation.
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