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Virtual GT

28 000,00 €
Garage and passions, S.L., as a representative of Virtual GT, is in charge of the installation and start-up at the client's home, as well as the training and after-sales service.

Why your first race car
should be a VirtualGT.
• Drive every car on every track.
• Drive modern and vintage cars.
• Explore the world of motorsports.
• Learn to drive like the pros.
• Share your racing experience.
• Teach children how to race.
• Ultimate party entertainment.

Why own a racing simulator?
If you drive any race car on any track...
• Commit that track to detailed photographic recall.
• Improve your focus and hand-eye coordination.
• Learn optimum braking, turn-in and shift points.
• Practice maintaining consistent rhythm and pace.
• Learn or improve heel & toe shifting techniques.
• Get track time and setup info at low cost per lap.
• No travel, no risk, no repairs or ongoing costs.
If you love to watch racing or collect cars...
• Actually drive the cars you love to watch and collect.
• Thousands of hours of motorsports entertainment.

Why own a VirtualGT racing simulator?
Simply because it’s the best!
• Custom designed audio and vibration system that
recreates the actual sound and feeling of a race car.
• Motion system moves the entire chassis.
• Pro controls for precise steering, braking, shifting.
• High resolution triple-screen video.
• Enclosed displays for the most immersive image.
• Proven technology... 500+ units delivered since 2003.
• 2-year top-to-bottom warranty. In home service.
• Personal support by factory engineers who share your
screen over the Internet.

• 9-channel, 500 Watt power amplifier.
• Custom microprocessor controlled audio
processor with electronic crossover,
vibration enhancer, digital level controls
with memory, intercom and headset audio
system, SRS™ surround.
• Four satellite speakers with 3” aluminium
cone mid/woofer and dome tweeter.
Custom passive crossover.
• 8” carbon fiber subwoofer under the seat
in tuned ported enclosure.
• 3” stainless steel tailpipe for amp fan.

• Four vibration transducers located on the
pedals, wheel and two on the seat shell.
• Individual level controls for each location
with memory and six presets.

• Four (250 lb. rated) D-BOX actuators with
dual controllers. USB interface. Advanced
9-channel software with Skid-Vector™.

• Force-feedback steering mechanism
with leather-wrapped Sparco alloy wheel.
Rotation adjustable from 100° to 900°.
• Optional force-proportional braking
system with full size adjustable pedals.
• Paddle shifters on each side of wheel.
• Optional custom designed sequential
shifter with ball-bearings, billet aluminum.
• Optional pro gated shifter with adjustable
detent for gear position. Seven speeds
plus reverse. Rugged steel construction.

• P-50 50” 1080p commercial plasma with
color matched metal enclosure.
• TS-324 Triple 24” LCDs with custom
integrated mount and color matched
aluminum enclosure. Flat black inside.
• TS-340 Triple 40” LCDs. Commercial
video-wall displays designed for 24/7
operation, super bright, with amazingly
thin 11mm (0.43”) wide bezel.

• VGT designed and fabricated racing
seat with comfortable padding and wide
design. Extra wide version available.

• 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
• 900-1500 Watts, depending on model.
• Connects to standard 20 Amp household
outlet. Power cord at bottom-front.
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