Garage & Passions
Since 2017, GARAGE & PASSIONS, S.L. is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of elements for decoration, embellishment and adaptation of garages as special spaces where often kept "illusions and passions". We want to make this space a suitable place for your passions and  enjoy just because you are there in beside her. And at the same time make become this space  a pleasant place to be for leisure, sharing with the family and friends.
Also we do custom projects for each customer and vehicles that will occupy this space. Our goal is arrange the "temple" of the passions and be able to enjoy being there with the vehicles or  while doing other activities, hobbies or just relaxing with good music.
We can offer you a friendly and accurate assistance in the search and selection of appropriate equipment and decorative items, as well as to complete a project suitable to your personal appoach, your "toys" and the availble space.
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